Stephen & Christine Davey  
Bill & Marian de Bass   Gary & Carol Goodchild
  Colin & Janey Mackay  
Sam & Liz Hodgson   Gareth & Gill Price
  John & Jill Gallen  
Cracow Town
  • Bill, Janey and Marian
  • Bishops Palace
  • Church of St Francis
  • Cloth Hall Stalls
  • It was cosidered to bring good luck in exams if one hopped around the statue....
  • St Mary's
  • St-Mary's triptych
  • River Vistula from Wawel Castle
  • Wawel Castle
  • Wyspianski Square
  • Gill and Gareth
  • Cloth Hall with the area of the square given over to the huge Rynek Museum constructed underneath.
  • Market stall Cracow
  • Christine and Stephen
  • Statue of Pope John Paul II
  • Wawel Castle Cathedral
  • Donors to the castle reconstruction
  • Wawel castle and the Cathedral
  • Wawel Castle courtyard
  • Hollow head, Eros Bendato, by Igor Mitoraj
  • Town Hall tower
  • Town Hall tower
  • St Mary's church and the horn player.
  • Heroes square in the Cracow ghetto with the Eagle pharmacy in the background
  • Heroes Square
  • heroes-square-ghetto-plaque
 Rynek Museum           Map of Cracow                     
Auschwitz - Birkenau
  • Entry gate to the Auschwitz Camp
  • Auschwitz was originally a brick built Poilsh barracks
  • Up until 1943 prisoners, excluding those who were Jewish, were photographed oon arrival.
  • Enamel pots stolen from the prisoners on arrival.
  • Shoes were stolen and then sold.
  • Block 11 where prisoners were tortured and murdered
  • The execution wall adjacent to Block 11
  • "Hospital" bunk beds in  Block 11
  • Standing cell in Block 11.   36"x36" in area  and entered from the bottom via a small door. Ventilation came from a 6" square opening in the roof.
  • Gallows outside the kitchen were inmates were hung and left as an example.
  • Gas chamber as it is today
  • Gas chamber adjoining the crematoria
  • Zyklon-B pellets when exposed to air produced the asphyxiant gas hydrogen cyanide.
  • Chute through which the Zykon-B was thrown by the SS operative on the roof of the gas chamber.
  • Used tins of the pesticide Zyclon-B which were used to kill the inmates
  • On the left is the entrance to the gas chamber and crematorium and on the right is the gallows where the camp commandant Rudolph Hoess was executed.
  • Trains entered Birkenau camp through the well known arched entrance.
  • Prisoners were removed from the trucks, some destined for hard labour and the rest for immediate gassing and cremation.
  • An ablution block in Birkrnau camp. Seven and a half minutes were allowed.
  • The scale of the camp is immense
  • A crematorium blown up by the Nazis in an attempt to destroy evidence as the Russians approached the camp.
  • Cold, wet, Birkenau.