Thetford & District Rotary Club.
RIBI District 1080
Registered Charity No 1046534
Plant and Cake Stall 2008

Our annual Plant Stall will take place on Saturday 17th of May (outside Boots in King Street) from 9:00am ( setting up and receiving plants from 8:15am.

Although we will as usual buy in bedding plants, the main funds that we raise for our charities are through plants kindly donated by members!
Can members once again assist by dividing up and potting interesting perennial plants from your own gardens ?(Now is a good time for dividing plants!)

Also if any members have a green house or cold frame how about raising some bedding plants, sweet peas or vegetables from seed or growing on plug plants? This would provide plants for your own garden and to donate to the plant stall.

If it helps members I can collect plants for the sale from you during the week 11th – 16th May. Should you be away during this time Nick Manderfield will rescue plants and tend them until the sale.

The Community Service Committee appreciate any help members can give in providing plants to support our sale.
Stephen Davey