Updated 05/12/2018
December 2018
6th 18:30 Christmas Fun
11th ? TRC Meeting
12th   Watton IW Concert  
18th 18:00 TRC Meeting TPH
19th 19:00 ? Tangent GC
25th   (Tuesday)  
January 2019
1st   (Tuesday)  
3rd 18:30 EACH/The Nook
Tim Jenkins
8th 19:00 TRC Meeting TPH
10th   Afternoon Tea
with Watton IW
Thompson VH
15th 12:30 TRC Meeting TPH
25th   Burns Night  
29th 18:00 TRC Meeting TPH
February 2019
7th 18:30 Charles Burrell Centre
Mark Snowdon
12th 12:30 TRC Meeting TPH
26th 18:00 TRC Meeting TPH
March 2019
5th 19:00 TRC Meeting TPH
7th 18:30 Nominations Night TPH
12th 12:30 TRC Meeting TPH
13th   District Committee Meeting (2) Sapiston VH
IP31 1RU
29th   BREXIT  !!!!!  
April 2019
5th 18:30 60th Birthday Dinner Park Farm Hotel
8th to
  IW Association Conference Cardiff
19th   Good Friday  
22nd   Easter Monday  
23rd   St George's Day  
May 2019
2nd 18:30 Wartercolour Painting
Isobel Coe
6th   Spring Bank Holiday  
29th   District Rally  
June 2019
6th   AGM and Handover TPH
8th   Queen's Birthday  
18th   District Committee Meeting (3)
Annual General Meeting
Brome Grange Hotel
IP23 8AP
July 2019
4th 18:30 IW Meeting TPH
August 2019
1st 18:30 IW Meeting TPH
26th   Summer Bank Holiday  
September 2019
5th 18:00 IW Meeting TPH
October 2019
4th   IW Meeting TPH
November 2019
1st   IW Meeting TPH
December 2019
25th   (Wednesday)