Updated 08/02/2018
February 2019
12th 12:30 TRC Meeting TPH
26th 18:00 TRC Meeting TPH
March 2019
5th 19:30 TRC Meeting TPH
7th 18:30 Nominations Night TPH
12th 12:30 TRC Meeting TPH
13th   District Committee Meeting (2) Sapiston VH
IP31 1RU
26th 16:00 TRC Meeting TPH
29th   BREXIT  !!!!!
April 2019
5th 18:30 60th Birthday Dinner Park    Farm    Hotel
Hethersett NR9 3DL
9th 13:00 TRC Meeting TPH
8th to
  IW Association Conference Cardiff
19th   Good Friday  
22nd   Easter Monday  
23rd   St George's Day  
23rd 18:00 TRC Meeting TPH
May 2019
2nd 18:30 Watercolour Painting
Isobel Coe
6th   Spring Bank Holiday  
7th 19:30 TRC Meeting TPH
14th 13:00 TRC Meeting TPH
28th 18:00 TRC Meeting TPH
29th   District Rally  
June 2019
4th 19:30 TRC Meeting TPH
6th   AGM and Handover TPH
8th   Queen's Birthday  
11th 12:30 TRC Meeting TPH
18th   District Committee Meeting (3)
Annual General Meeting
Brome Grange Hotel
IP23 8AP
25th 18:00 TRC Meeting TPH
July 2019
4th 18:30 IW Meeting TPH
August 2019
1st 18:30 IW Meeting TPH
26th   Summer Bank Holiday  
September 2019
5th 18:00 IW Meeting TPH
October 2019
4th   IW Meeting TPH
November 2019
1st   IW Meeting TPH
December 2019
25th   (Wednesday)