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9th December 2017 : Most of the problems are fixed apart from Inner Wheel. That will take a little bit of resurrecting
27th September 2017 - Minutes Business Meeting 26th Sept 2017
12th May 2017 - Bcc document changed from*.pdf to *.doc so that it can readily be inserted into e-mails. Usual password.
10th May 2017 A new page has been added in the Members' section to embrace the question of Compliance. I am in the process of making it more presentable
2nd May 2017 - Bcc update  SJ, BF and LH - usual password. Photographs from Marie Curie and Cracow.
30th March 2017 - Minutes of Business Meeting on the 28th of March
9th February 2017 : Upgrading of the Index section of the News page almost complete. Programme updated to include the split Business/Dinner Combo meetings.
9th January 2017 : Considerable changes have been made to the Inner Wheel pages, the News page and various other pages with photographs on them. I am missing digital images from the trip to Australia. Can my reader help ?
29th Dec 2016 - Some success and some reconstruction of the Inner Wheel webpages.
21st Dec 2016 : Experimenting with a newer more modern form of photograph presentation: Nearly working but not quite yet  - see Inner Wheel District Rally in the News section.
23rd Nov 2016 ; Rota for the Christmas Store Collections
22nd October 2016 : "Rotary Code of Policies September 2016" for the Rotarian who is a million miles away from the Rotarian that he was when he joined Rotary to shake a tin and do something for the local community.
4th July 2016 : Nominations for District Governor
29th June 2016 : Your sectretary has received 240 communications in the last year from District, RIBI and RI. I wonder if there will be an exponential increase in my final two years ?
29th June 2016 ; Minutes from  yesterday's Club Assembly. These are presented in A5 format as that fits my Filofax ! Usual password.
5th February 2016 : I am undergoing yet another of my periodical crises with the website as I unwisely tried to do a bit of reorganising of the filing (?) system. Please be patient. I have however been having a lot of fun with the WOW slider : See the Burns Night Lunch/Supper : Bill
22nd January 2016 : A photograph of the presentation group at the Fracture Clinic in the West Suffolk Hospital. (Rotary and Inner Wheel webpages)
21st January 2016 : See in the secretary's page the instructions for maintaining the world wide database - ? so we can be subject to more advertising ?
18th January 2016 : Ructions at the DCM. All the details for those of you who were unable to attend because of other pressing reasons. I have put it behind the usual pass word on account of the content.
15th January 2016 : Some updates to the Programme and masses of updates in the Secretary's section.
4th December 2015 : Update of Secretary's section
19th November 2015 : Unapproved Council Minutes : Roys Store Collections
28th October 2015 : Various bits of updating on different parts of the website
8th July 2015: A new line has been added to the left side of the pages titled "Secretary" which records what comes in over the seretary's desk.
6th July 2015 ; The charities webpage has been significantly added to in order to record the charities that have benefitted from donations. Some charities have had more than one donation.
31st May 2015 : The allocation of the committees for next years has been tentatively entered onto the website. In the absence of Thetford Club Bye Laws the "standard" RIBI Club Bye Laws have been placed on the Members' page. The May Luncheon Account has been uploaded..
9th May 2015 : Jason Winters in the News Section and updates to the Walking with the Wounded section on the same page.
Broken links in "Archive" restored
8th May 2015 :Cheque presentation to Andrew Cook from "Walking with The Wounded" and last two months Luncheon Accounts
20th March 2015 ; Results rom the Marie Curie Collection and photographs from the evening at "The Dogs" have been added to the News section of the website.
15th December 2014  Treasurer's Report for the SGM
5th December 2014 : The website was down for over 24hrs, Obviously it has now been restored. Details
2nd December 2014 ; Notice of Walking Weekend. It does not display to my satisfaction on Apple iPad and I have no intention of wasting my remaining years in trying to make it do so.
iFrames will not scroll on an iPad and on occasion I like to use iFrames but Apple don't.
13th November 2014 : John Gallen - Banner
4th November 2014 : Sometime later in the week or early next week I will close down the FST website which action will automatically corrupt the Rotary website. I will then re-build the Rotary website and then when the snow comes I will re-build the FST website.
29th October 2014: I spoke too soon and matters have gone from bad to worse but at least I now have a better grasp of why.

23rd October 2014:The problems with the website snowballed over the last few days as the files in my 55FST website were uploaded into the Rotary website and the index or default page could not be updated. I think I may have fixed it but there are still quite a lot of dodgy links.

8th September 2014. :There has been a problem with the website over the last fortnight and I have been unable to upload any changes to the site. The Internet Service Provider has changed the protocol for file upload from Frontpage Server Extensions to File Transfer Protocols and this is causing the problem. It should be resolved soon.
15th August 2014 : Council Minutes
8th July 2014 : Alterations to Club Officers List, News Page and to the programme
27th April 2014 : IW "The King of Norfolk Poachers" at CVH
26th April 2014 Members Directory updated - It was very much out of date - Apologies !!!
15th April 2014 : The list for Vocational Suppers has been provided by Michael Speed.
24th March 2014 : Records of the amount collected for Marie Curie  and the amount raised at the successful Coffee Morning in East Wretham.
28th January 2014 ; Update of "Store Collections" and of the charitable donations made by Thetford Rotary Club this year.
29th November 2013: Collection for today and tomorrow cancelled by TESCO
5th Nov 2013 : Bus timings for the International Dinner and the Luncheon Account for October
6th Oct 2013 : "Slavery" in News Section.
4th Oct 2013 ; Visit of IW District Chairman Annette Guttridge
1st October : Luncheon Account for September
4th September : Programme update for Inner Wheel
5th July 2013 : Programme Update
3rd July 2013 : Handover Photographs
24th June 2013. Community Service and Vocational Service Committee Minutes
26 March 2013 : News Page and News index has been updated.
10th March 2013 : Marie Curie Collection Results
26th February 2013 : Photographs from the Weird Weddings at Wretham
18th February 2013 : Eradication of Polio in India
16th February 2013 ; Hog Race Proceeds
9th February 2013 : News update with a request for members to participate in the Marie Curie Collection n March 8th and 9th
3rd January 2013 : There are updates on the News Page showing the amounts raised in at the store collections for this year and for past years. There are certificates acknowledging our donations to St Nicholas and the "Wheelie Good Idea" and photographs of the Inner Wheel donation to Age Concern.
8th December 2012: I have finished collecting at Roy's. There is no rugby on the telly and I have finished the Christmas cards so the InnerWheel section of the website is having a makeover. There may be a few broken links and some unpredictable actions on the website for a while. Out of kindness there will only be two shades of grey on their section of the website.
22nd November 2012 : Minor changes to Programme. Community Service Minutes for October. Photograph of the cheque presentation to Thetford Foodbank by Nick Manderfield
26th October 2012 : Large number of photographs restored to the Index Page in the News Section; Some users of the Chrome search engine with some video cards may experience a dimming of the images if the page has a black background. Not a lot I can do about it apart from change the background and as not all of them are attached to Cascading Style Sheets that would be very tedious.